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Helping real women find food freedom through Trim Healthy Mama coaching

My personal road to wellness has grown into a passion for helping others. I’ve studied various dietary theories with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and I’ve tried my fair share of programs. My hands-down favorite is Trim Healthy Mama because it delivers results and keeps me satisfied without depriving me of foods I love or requiring me to count calories, macros, or points. So I became a certified THM Lifestyle Coach to help other woman discover the joys of food freedom.

Recent Posts

Good Old Fashioned Pancakes- (THM S, Keto, Low Carb)

These days a good pancake recipe goes a long way! We have all been forced to focus on what matters most and to simplify our lives a bit. Having a go to pancake recipe that's easy and yummy is one of those necessities when trying to find budget friendly healthy meals...

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10 Tips for staying healthy and sane in times of uncertainty

Does anyone else feel like we're living in the "twilight zone?" I feel like we're living a scene out of a movie. Unfortunately this movie is our actual life and it can be unsettling when we dwell too much on the uncertainty of our situation. We are in Utah and when I...

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Easy Chocolate Granola (THM S, Keto, Low Carb)

A few years after I started THM, I wanted an S version (low carb) of granola to put on yogurt or to have with almond milk for an S breakfast. I came up with this quick and easy granola recipe. Make it your own! You can add more cinnamon or sweetener if you want,...

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No Bake Raspberry Cheesecake (THM S, keto, low carb)

Do you have a dessert for your special someone tomorrow or for family and friends you're sharing the day with? Do you need a last minute quick and easy, but elegant and tasty dessert? My family loves cheesecake so I made a raspberry version for V-day- the fresh...

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