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My personal road to wellness has grown into a passion for helping others. I’ve studied various dietary theories with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and I’ve tried my fair share of programs. My hands-down favorite is Trim Healthy Mama because it delivers results and keeps me satisfied without depriving me of foods I love or requiring me to count calories, macros, or points. So I became a certified THM Lifestyle Coach to help other woman discover the joys of food freedom.

Recent Posts

Karen’s Raspberry Jello- (THM E, FP)

It's Thanksgiving time! I love all of the traditions centered around this holiday. One of my husband's traditions is to make raspberry jello (his mother's recipe) instead of having cranberry sauce. It hits the spot every year, but I we have always just used the sugar...

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Hearty Chili- THM E

Fall is here and it's not just pumpkin season (my favorite) but it's chili and soup season as well. I've been meaning to post my chili recipe for awhile now. This recipe goes together quickly and is one of those perfect healthy, hearty & tasty comfort foods. This...

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Halloween Candy Round up (THM & Low-Carb Friendly)

Candy is everywhere this time of year! If you're like me I bet it makes you think of all of the candy you loved as a kid and the candy you still love. The best way I can get through this time of year and still stick to my health goals is by making my own homemade...

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