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Helping real women find food freedom through Trim Healthy Mama coaching

My personal road to wellness has grown into a passion for helping others. I’ve studied various dietary theories with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and I’ve tried my fair share of programs. My hands-down favorite is Trim Healthy Mama because it delivers results and keeps me satisfied without depriving me of foods I love or requiring me to count calories, macros, or points. So I became a certified THM Lifestyle Coach to help other woman discover the joys of food freedom.

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Good Old Fashioned Pancakes- (THM S, Keto, Low Carb)

These days a good pancake recipe goes a long way! We have all been forced to focus on what matters most and to simplify our lives a bit. Having a go to pancake recipe that's easy and yummy is one of those necessities when trying to find budget friendly healthy meals...

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