Candy is everywhere this time of year! If you’re like me I bet it makes you think of all of the candy you loved as a kid and the candy you still love. The best way I can get through this time of year and still stick to my health goals is by making my own homemade substitutes. I collaborated with some of my fellow bloggers to come up with a THM friendly Halloween candy list. Even just having one of these recipes on hand will save you!

Here is my latest recipe, black and white peanut butter kit kats from Molly Miller Wellness

(If you’re looking for a candy with a good crunch, this is it!)

Snicker Candies from Country Girl Cookin

Snicker Candies (THM-S, Low Carb, Sugar-free)

Coconut Eggs from Around the Family Table

Pumpkin Candy Cups from TJ Taste

Pumpkin Candy Cups

Trim Twixters from Trim Healthy Mama

Payday Candies from Briana Thomas

Mock Pay Day Fat Bombs

Which candy will you make to help satisfy your Halloween candy sweet tooth? I’m going to have several of these on hand for the occasion 😉


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